How we do it at Joseinobyoki Finance?

At Joseinobyoki Finance, four fundamental steps are enough for you to have the money you need in your account as soon as possible! See how we work and what is our methodology:

  1. Receipt of the request. We receive the request with your data. There we see the fundamentals, the money you want and the return period you prefer.
  2. We carry out the exhaustive study. Second, we proceed to study your specific case. We review your data and see that you meet the requirements we request. Remember: that you are between 18 and 65 years old, have a smartphone and that you have income.
  3. Granting of credit without payroll. After the analysis, we give you an answer. Surely you have approved!
  4. Disbursement of the approved amount. And finally, we carry out all the appropriate procedures with the bank branch and we disburse you the money in the account that you have indicated to us.

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